Collaborative Learning for the 21st Century

Collaborative learning is becoming a cornerstone of the education journey in the 21st century. Data is generated every day at an accelerating pace. To manage the complexity of information, learners need effective ways to digest and absorb the knowledge that is rapidly generated.

Online collaborative learning becomes the missing piece in the learning puzzle.

But collaborative learning is difficult.


Learners and educators need better tools to accelerate their learning. You need platforms that allow you to interact in a real-time manner and leverage the ubiquitous access to the Web provided by the multitude of mobile devices; platforms that are user-friendly and meld seamlessly into other existing tools and methodologies.

Jotterlab offers a fresh approach to Collaborative Learning

Jotterlab brings educators and learners back to basics by adding real-time interaction and collaboration to otherwise traditional tools in the learning process.

Process Writing

In Process Writing, the educator changes the role from being solely a marker to more of a reader. Learners also wear the hat of a peer critic in addition to being writers themselves. Feedback in between drafts of an essay provide more opportunities in learning and continuous improvements to writing style, grammar, contents, etc. The problem?


Jotterlab simplifies the process through easy access to previous versions at the click of a button.

We add a structure to the workflow for Process Writing to make the stages of writing intuitive and manageable.

A powerful highlighting tool coupled with discussion capabilities is built into the process to make it convenient and intuitive to provide feedback for each essay draft.

How it works

  1. Teacher dispatches a Process Writing assignment to a group of students.
  2. Every student in the group write their own essays.
  3. Students critique each other’s work with highlighting and discussion tools. Teachers can intervene at any time.
  4. Teacher reviews and marks the student’s essay. Process goes back to step 2 until the teacher is satisfied that the essay is properly written.

Passage Comprehension

Passage Comprehension worksheets are traditionally dispatched and completed by individuals. There has not been a real option for learners to collaborate on responses to the questions related to the passage.

Jotterlab changes that by layering a real-time discussion feature on top of passage comprehension questions so users can respond and reply in a truly interactive manner without having to constantly refresh the page.

How it works

  1. Teacher dispatches a Passage Comprehension assignment to a group of students.
  2. Questions may be attached to specific highlights on the passage.
  3. Students collaborate and respond to questions in real-time. Teachers can intervene at any time.